CCARC’s Repeaters:

W3CPA 147.255 + 6KHz offset, PL 173.8 Hz

The W3CPA is located at the top of Rockton Mountain in Clearfield County.  It provides wide-area coverage from one of the tallest points in Central Pennsylvania.  The repeater itself is owned by the Clearfield County Emergency Management Agency and operated by the Clearfield County Amateur Radio Club.  Tower space is provided by Centre Communications on behalf of the Clearfield County Emergency Management Agency.  The repeater hosts the following nets:

  • Mondays 8 PM – Treasure Lake Sportsmans Club Ham Radio Group Net

WRDV964 462.650 + 5 MHz offset. PL 141.3 Hz

The WRDV964 GMRS service repeater is co-located at the top of Rockton Mountain with the W3CPA 147.255 repeater.  In fact the repeater controller is shared between both repeaters, on separate “ports”.  Coverage is nearly identical to that of the 2 meter band repeater and in provides a valuable service to the public.  While a GMRS license is required to use this repeater, there is no test.  This provides communications services to residents who have not yet taken the step of obtaining their amateur radio license, or simply don’t have sufficient interest.

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