When operating in Clearfield County under an ACS activation, at the direction of Clearfield County Emergency Management, we will use (FEMA) standardized Incident Command System forms and procedures.  Our community service events and exercises are good practice platforms for using the forms. The version of forms we are using come from ICS Forms Booklet, FEMA 502-2, September 2010 Booklet., located on FEMA’s ICS Forms webpage. The block numbered text formats come from the same source. An overview of the forms can be read in ICS Forms Overview

Shelter Operators or Deployed Operators

Shelter operators, or operators otherwise deployed to the field, need to be comfortable with:

Resource Check-in & Other Net Control Stations

Net Control Stations need to be able to fill out and use ICS 211, the “Incident Check-In List” form.

Radio Officers & operators at the EOC

Need to be capable of all of the above, plus handling all of the ICS forms.

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