October 2022 CCARC Work Session Held

Thank you to everyone who took the time to participate in the CCARC work session on October 27th.  There was a show and tell event mixed in with other activities.  So a productive evening.
We dug out the APRS digipeater from the storage closet.  This had been in operation a decade ago but the transceiver it was using stopped working.  Rich KB3QKR has the equipment and is going to dig into the transceiver to see if it can be fixed.  If it can be fixed, the idea is to put the APRS digipeater back on the air at the EMA center.  This will fill in a rather large void of coverage in our region.
John N3SPW brought a Nano Vector Network Analyzer.  It’s tiny but effective.  We connected it to the antenna leads at the EMA center and made some discoveries about the HF antenna.  They were not set up as they are labeled.  But now we know!
Scott W3EOD brought a pocket sized programmable receiver that he has programmed for the Sandy Ridge GMRS repeater.  Its former purpose was to alert volunteer fire fighters when there is a call.  So activity on the programmed receive channel sets off an alert tone that’s hard to miss.  Really neat little device and apparently available relatively cheap on resale sites like eBay.
And there was also a collection of CCARC branded merchandise samples.  Shirts, hats, name tags, etc.  If you would like to have a CCARC shirt, hat or name badge please contact John N3SPW at johnszwarc@gmail.com.
The next event for CCARC is the November Business Meeting on Thursday November 17th.  The festivities are set to start at 6 PM at the usual Clearfield County EMA Center conference room.